Your Own Net is a IT company,  dealing with strategic consulting, products sells, hosting services and opensource marketplace.

Overall IT company

Our core features

Our Marketplace

We beleive that opensource is a progress for humanity. So we want to give access to all kind of software from this ecosystem.


Consulting in IT and network

Our experience we implement it in our expertise services. Whether for the synergy of IT means of a territory, to define a strategy of evolution of your networks, or an integration of technical solutions network in your Information System: we have offers and solutions.

Pack for individuals and SMEs

In the form of packs (all in one), we offer offers integrating the essential Internet tools for individuals, but also for small businesses. You will find communications applications (messaging, videoconferencing), organization (address book, diaries, notes, projects), data sharing, financial management or accounting.
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What we can offer you

Commitments and customer relations

We make commitments of results with our customers, this is the best way to be in a healthy relationship. We care about customer satisfaction; the reliability of our products is therefore an essential element in our technical choices, and in the priorities of work in-house.

Total control of your data

Our accommodation providers are chosen for the quality of their offer. The opensource as a credo: opening the application code is essential to ensure their security.

Security : our priority

Everything is done to give the best level of security : best practices, best softwares, support time. We use standard security component : firewall, anti DDos, Intrusion Detection/Prevention, Ban host, log analyzer, VPN and more to give to our client the highest level of performance and security.

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